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Bryan Savage

Bryan Savage Senior Pastor

Steve Abel

Steve Abel Executive Pastor

Gracie Howard

Gracie Howard Executive Assistant to Bryan Savage

Zac Sandry

Zac Sandry Next Generation Pastor

Luke Friedline

Luke Friedline Worship Arts Pastor

Michaela Colbrese

Michaela Colbrese Groups Pastor

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson Operations Pastor

David Dryer

David Dryer Finance/HR Director

Kevin Herrick

Kevin Herrick Facilities Coordinator

Deb Wickard

Deb Wickard Finance/HR Coordinator

Robyn Stone

Robyn Stone Facilities Coordinator

Phun Aithang

Phun Aithang Tehnical Support Specialist

Krissy Wheeler

Krissy Wheeler Worship Coordinator

Josh Howard

Josh Howard Discipleship Pastor

Carolyn O’Connor

Carolyn O’Connor Missional Engagement Pastor

Sue Defrieze

Sue Defrieze Sr. Accountant

Kurt Streicher

Kurt Streicher Accountant

Bill Sandry

Bill Sandry Bettendorf Campus Coach

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie Ward Congregational Care & Connections Pastor

Leanne Torres

Leanne Torres Family Ministry Director

Ashley Pineda

Ashley Pineda ELAC Assistant

Yolanda Nicolas Gil

Yolanda Nicolas Gil ELAC Assistant