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Lead Pastor

Shawn Cossin

Shawn Cossin

Shawn is a graduate of Wheaton College with a degree in Christian Education. He also holds a Master's Degree in Ministerial Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. Shawn is married to Beth and has two sons, Joshua and Daniel. As a former Military Police Officer and State Trooper, he spends his free time trying out new tactical gear.

Lead Team

Steve Abel

Steve Abel Rock Island Campus Pastor

Steve is a marathon runner with three boys, Lincoln, Hudson, and Lennox. His wife, Amber, and he are sci-fi and fantasy nerds. He loves playing music, connecting with people, and sunshine. When he was ten he dreamed of being a jazz Musician or in a pit orchestra for an Andrew Lloyd Webber Opera.

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson Operations Pastor

Paul, his wife Darci and three kids (Mia, Max, and Mari) are life-long Quad Cities residents and have been blessed to be a part of the Heritage family since 1996. On Friday nights, Paul can be found in the kitchen whipping up just about anything you can imagine. His personal motto is work hard, love everyone, be nice and don’t do anything stupid.

Justin Barnes

Justin Barnes Bettendorf Campus Pastor

Justin is passionate about helping all people experience the fullness of life that Jesus offers. He’s quick to laugh, is committed to infusing fun into every environment and is uniquely created for stability in high winds. Justin is peeved by grass clippings in the road. His greatest privilege is to be Jessie’s husband and Maddox and Ava’s dad.

David Dryer

David Dryer HR & Finance Director

Dave is a graduate of Hope College with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Dave is married to Joyce. He loves watching wildlife and also plays the piano. His favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny.

Jeremiah Gómez

Jeremiah Gómez Network Discipleship & Interim Vida Nueva Campus Pastor

Jeremiah gets to be Sarah's husband and Jubilee & Zechariah's dad. He has a wealth of experience in ministry and leadership investments across North America. Jeremiah is known around Heritage as "The words guy." He probably has at least 4 different ways of improving this sentence and believes that Sarcasm should be included as the "6th love language."

Brandon Shupp

Brandon Shupp Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

Brandon is a hockey player trapped in a guitarist's body. That may be where all that energy comes from. In any case, he loves his wife, Jennifer and two boys, Grant & Jackson. His favorite time of the week is gathering in worship together. His hobbies include quoting Homer Simpson and binge-watching Netflix.

Gracie Howard

Leadership Executive Assistant Gracie Howard

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Team Directory

Steve Abel Rock Island Campus Pastor
Darci Anderson Worship & Communications Coordinator
Paul Anderson Operations Pastor
Justin Barnes Bettendorf Campus Pastor
Kelsi Baumbach Child Care Coordinator
Anna Beck Human Resources/Finance Assistant
Matt Beck IT/Technical Director
Todd Boswell Rock Island Children's Coordinator
Meghan Brophy Rock Island Campus Assistant
Loredana Cooper Vida Nueva Campus Coordinator
Beth Cossin SENT Champion & Strategic Coach
Shawn Cossin Senior Pastor
Mia Dadisman Family Life Assistant
Sue Defrieze Senior Accountant
Nicole Dohm Bettendorf Campus Assistant
David Dryer HR/Finance Director
Denice Evans Finance Coordinator
Jeff Francis Bettendorf Campus Facilitator
Luke Friedline HSM Director
Matt Fry Media Specialist
Jeremiah Gomez Interim VN/Network Disc. Pastor
Kari Beth Hamilton Bettendorf Children's Coordinator
Kevin Herrick Maintenance Coordinator
Dale Howard Facilitator
Gracie Howard Leadership Executive Assistant
Josh Howard RI Assistant Campus Pastor
Guadalupe Lara (Yesi) Vida Nueva Facilitator
Geri Moseley Rock Island Facilitator
Carolyn O'Connor LAC Specialist/EC Site Coordinator
Benita Perez-DeLoach Esperanza Child Care Center Director
Leslie Rohret Payroll/Payables Technician
Zac Sandry Bettendorf Youth Pastor
Brandon Shupp Worship & Creative Arts Pastor
Robyn Stone Operations Assistant
Stephanie Ward Bettendorf Children's Pastor
Deb Wickard Lead Facilities Coordinator