Our passion is to meet people wherever they are on their spiritual journey
and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in order to change the world.

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  • Heritage Mobile App
    September 28th

    Be the first to download our Heritage Mobile App.  Sign up below by entering your name and email address.  No worries, we will not share your information with anyone or any…

  • Home Run Life Series
    August 29th

    As summer and baseball season come to a close, we begin our own Home Run Life Season. Well, we begin our Home Run Series.  If you happen to miss any…

  • Unplugged Weekend
    August 29th

    We invite you to join us for two weeks as we spend time ‘Unplugged’ in each of our campus locations. Our first gathering will be a celebration of communion and…

  • Live Sent Series
    August 7th

    There are a lot of meaningful things we can do in this life, but none of them begin to compare to the privilege of joining a Holy God in the…

  • Chain Reaction Series
    June 2nd

    Dominoes. Waves. Pendulums. Cause/Effect. Life keeps moving. Even the rules of the universe dictate that an object in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force. So,…

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