The QCA was recently identified as the 15th most post-Christian metro area in the nation; but it doesn’t need to be this way. Imagine our region the way it was always meant to be: A place where every community is able to thrive as never before, where the unmatched peace of God is an everyday reality for all of us. We are convinced God has even more — for our cities, for our families, and for each of us as we pursue him.

Heritage is embarking on a journey to chase the MORE God has in each of these areas because there is more life to be lived, more joy to be experienced, and more hope to be embraced in him.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. -- Ephesians 3:20–21

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Primary Goal: 100% Engagement

We invite every single person to take his or her next step in their spiritual journey and to grow in radical generosity.

As we step into MORE+, we will discover new things about God, about each other, and our shared purpose together. Because of this, we believe God is inviting every single one of us to know his love more deeply and that he wants each of us to be part of seeing him restore lives, communities, and regions. Imagine what would happen for and through us if every one of us took our next step in radical generosity!

Whether you’ve never given anything before or you give consistently and mindfully, we believe there is a next step God is asking all of us to take in our stewardship of the financial resources he has entrusted to us. We are asking us all to pray about what that is and respond in obedience.

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Next Steps

We are inviting you and your family to connect with God and each other in this journey —
ask him what MORE+ he has for you and how he wants you to participate.

PRAY for God to increase our faith, our connection with him, and our reach. Pray that we would each clearly know the next step he is wanting each of us to take in this discipleship initiative.

COMMIT individually to do and give as God leads you, joining in how he will use us together. Be an active part of our 100% participation.

GIVE in a way that stretches you into your next level of generosity, expecting God to use your gifts along with those of others to do impossible things.

CELEBRATE as we experience God doing what only he can when we live into MORE+ together!

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Questions? Want more information?
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MORE+ Stories

Check back soon for more stories of how God is using Heritage Church in the Quad Cities and beyond


These Frequently Asked Questions are to help you gain more clarity and information as you spend time with God towards your commitment. If you have a question that is not addressed here we would encourage you to contact us or reach out to your local campus pastoral leadership for more information.
  • WHY this initiative?

    Imagine our region the way it was always meant to be: A place where every community is able to thrive as never before, where tangible hope and the unmatched peace of God is an everyday reality for all of us. We are convinced God has even more -- for our cities, for our families, and for each of us as we pursue him.

  • You are asking for “100% Participation.” What does that mean?

    Our desire is to see everyone who calls Heritage home participate in a meaningful way during our MORE+ Together journey. We are asking everyone to pray, commit, give, and celebrate as never before over an intentional two year period:

    • PRAY for your Heritage family and ask what God is inviting you to step into.
    • COMMIT to being part of this initiative; do so by communicating your commitment
    • GIVE out of trust, obedience, anticipation of what God is going to do.
    • CELEBRATE God’s faithfulness and activity; share the stories of what he is doing.
  • How am I being asked to participate?

    We believe every person who calls Heritage home—from the youngest family member to the longest-serving leader--has something to gain by taking part in the MORE journey together. Each one of us can pray fervently, give obediently, and serve passionately. The invitation to you is to take the next step in each of these areas, as someone investing...

    • Initially—praying, giving, and serving through this initiative for the first time.
    • Consistently—deciding to pray, give, and serve regularly.
    • Mindfully—having thoughtful priority in praying, giving, and serving.
    • Sacrificially--making a commitment in prayer, giving, and serving which governs the rest of your lifestyle.
    • Legacy--prioritizing your giving over your lifetime towards Kingdom investments.
  • How can I identify the kind of giving I already participate in and can move into?

    The following descriptions are probably helpful here:

    • Initial Giver

      This type of giver is someone who decides to give for the first time and trust God and the leaders of the church with the gift. During our More+together journey, many will take their first step of faith by making their first gift to the kingdom of God through Heritage Church.

      To become an Initial Giver, consider making your first gift to Heritage Church by utilizing the offering envelopes during service or by downloading the Church Center App.

    • Consistent Giver

      This type of giver is someone who decides to give something and to give it on a consistent basis. This is someone who thinks of their giving in the same way they would about other expenses in their budget that are paid regardless of seasons of feast or famine. This often requires planning, and sometimes this might be a reason for someone to setup recurring gifts online or to become disciplined with giving through envelopes or checks during weekend worship expressions.

      To become a Consistent Giver, consider:

      • Setting up a recurring gift through Heritage’s Online Giving or on the Church Center App
      • Budgeting specifically for giving in the same way you would your other monthly expenses
      • Proactively scheduling when you’re going to consistently give on your calendar
    • Mindful Giver

      This type of giver begins asking the question, “Why am I giving more to my cell phone bill than I am to God?” This giver starts to make their giving an intentional choice that reflects how they feel about it in relation to other things they spend their money on. This may also be the point of intentionality when someone begins to tithe, reflecting that they are being intentional about a certain amount or percentage they want to give to Jesus.

      To become a Mindful Giver, consider:

      • Giving in relation to other monthly financial commitments (such as cell phone, mortgage/rent insurance, etc.) and determining an intentional step to grow the priority of your giving
      • Choosing a percentage that would represent a new level of giving for you, potentially a tithe (Malachi 3:10)
    • Sacrificial Giver

      This type of giver begins to ask the questions, “Am I giving in a way that changes me?”, “Am I giving in a way that causes my lifestyle to change to reflect the transformation Christ is making in me?” A sacrificial giver’s commitment to giving actually governs the rest of their lifestyle. A sacrificial giver has a giving commitment that is “larger than their current situation” so that they must adjust the rest of their expenditures to meet that commitment.

      To become a Sacrificial Giver, consider:

      • Looking at the dollars you are not giving and prayerfully consider if God is asking you to release a portion of those back to Him
      • Evaluating if your giving is really costing you something or if it has become comfortable or routine
      • Determining if there are resources God has blessed you with in the past (savings, stock, retirement, etc.) that God is asking you to release as a sacrifice to Him
    • Legacy Giver

      This type of giver is no longer asking the question, “God, how much are you asking me to give?” A legacy giver is asking the question, “God, how much are you asking me to keep?” They ask this so they can release the rest for kingdom purposes. Much like a sacrificial giver makes a commitment that will govern his/her monthly and annual decisions, a lifetime giver makes a lifetime or long-term giving commitment that governs his/her long-term decisions like homes, cars, investments, projects, etc.

      To become a Legacy Giver, consider:

      • Putting a cap on spending and saving so every additional dollar goes towards kingdom giving
      • Setting a lifetime generosity goal (a specific number) for your family’s kingdom giving over the course of your life
      • Engaging in estate planning (or revise your current plan) to accurately reflect your kingdom giving priorities
      • Leveraging your own journey of generosity to encourage and inspire kingdom generosity in the next generation
  • Will we close other Campuses as BridgePointe opens more fully?

    It’s always our desire to love and serve the communities in which we are planted. BridgePointe will provide new, additional space for those not connected to faith to seek, explore, and find meaningful connection with God, with others, and with their purpose. We believe that in order to reach people we haven’t reached before, we will need to do things we’ve not done before, and BridgePointe provides a great space to birth something new. This will not be a replacement for existing campus expressions.

  • Who is currently utilizing the BridgePointe space?

    BridgePointe is the home of Heritage central services offices, which include Senior Pastor, Network Pastor, Human Resources, Worship and Communications, Spiritual Transformation Journey, and Operations. All other staff hold office at their respective campuses in order to serve and connect with that community in the best way possible.

    BridgePointe is also leasing space to a number of community partners, such as:

    Each of these partners serve the vulnerable and marginalized in our community, connecting with our heart to see flourishing for all people from any circumstance.

  • I heard the new worship expression at BridgePointe won’t actually be in the “worship center space.” Is this true?

    The space identified as the future worship space housing a unique expression at BridgePointe will indeed be home to that expression. Until the time that it is fully launched and renovations are completed, however, the large upstairs multi-purpose space (Room 205) will serve as space for incubating that new expression.

  • How is this journey different than a “campaign”?

    At its core, MORE+together is a space we are holding where we can grow in our ability to discern and act together in pursuit of God’s desire for our families, cities, and region. While there is a financial component, our primary focus is in positioning each of us to experience ‘the more of God’ through our faithful obedience.

  • What is the timeframe of our MORE+ together journey?

    Our commitment period is from April of 2020 through April of 2022.

  • What do we mean by Love More? Restore More? Imagine More?

    Each area of MORE+together reflects our core values of Authentic Love, Intense Spirituality, Hopeful Partnership, Radical Generosity, Passionate Mission and Faithful Risk.

    • Love More invites us to create even more spaces (digital, physical and relational) to facilitate meaningful connection with people in the context of relationship.

      As our culture moves increasingly online and tech-centered the “front door” of the church has moved to the internet and mobile devices. People check out a church online long before they walk through a physical door. By enhancing our digital presence, people who are seeking a faith community can engage and participate with us as they begin their journey with God, others, and their purpose through Heritage. This allows them to connect at a deeper level when they walk into any of our physical expressions for the first time.

      As we serve the community through BridgePointe, we are excited to create new spaces for people to experience sacred connection with God. The central location of BridgePointe allows it to serve our Network well for Just One gatherings and sacred moments in the life of our Heritage Church body.

    • Restore More continues to embrace the mindset that Heritage has practiced over its years of restoring and reclaiming physical spaces.

      In the Floreciente neighborhood, the Esperanza Center has been a gift to the community allowing for safe places where children play and community organizations meet. To continue to restore areas around the Center allows for that to continue in a more impactful way.

      As much as BridgePointe is already a home for some community organizations, we believe that it will continue to gain more use and viability as a community collaboration hub; this will require investment into spaces to allow for further partnerships to develop.

      Rock Island and Bettendorf campuses both have needed infrastructure improvements which will better serve our congregations and their families now and in the days to come.

    • Imagine More is the space for us to dream big about what God can and will do through us for years and generations to come. This includes the launch of a unique and diverse worship expression housed at BridgePointe. In order to reach people we haven’t reached before, we will need to do things we’ve not done before, and BridgePointe provides a great space to birth something new in this way.

      As we have been faithful in engaging with partners at home, God has opened doors for greater partnership investments around the world. One such opportunity is a new international church partnership in Haiti that is already taking fresh expressions of the Gospel into new areas of that country and beyond... reaching new people, launching new leaders, and meeting new needs.

      We also know God is raising up new generations of Kingdom influencers, and we want to play a significant role in training, equipping, and releasing the next generations of disciples who will influence their world in tangible ways. Potential partnerships with higher learning institutions, ministry training centers, residency programs, and market square engagement are all part of imagining more together.

  • What does God or the Bible say about money?

    Jesus and the Scriptures actually speak to our relationship with money more than they do about prayer, Heaven, and Hell combined. This indicates a priority in how we handle our finances in light of our relationship with God, each other, and our purpose. Throughout the Bible our giving is rooted in obedience and faithfulness to God.

    In the Old Testament, Abel gave the best portions of his flock--a significant expression of worship to God that God readily received (cf. Genesis 4:4); Abraham gave a tenth (or tithe) of all everything to the priest of God after a victory (cf. Genesis 14:20b). Both of these acts of faithful obedience pre-date the giving of Covenant Law to God’s people and demonstrates the value of our sacrificial giving as we are blessed.

    In the New Testament, first fruits giving and tithing form the baseline of our giving to the things of God. Radical financial generosity by giving to the church for the sake of mission is celebrated and encouraged. Jesus used the example of a poor widow giving all she had as an expression of love and loyalty to God (Mark 12:41-44); the early church gave sacrificially to meet the needs of each other, including the sale of valuable property so church leaders could distribute those resources (Acts 2:45, 4:36-7). Throughout the letters of the New Testament, sacrificial giving is seen as a natural outflow of our understanding that everything we have is entrusted to us by Jesus for his use.