Hey, Heritage Church! Anytime there is severe weather on a weekend, the question always comes up…”Will there be church?” The answer to that question at Heritage Church is nearly always…YES. For those who are not aware, Heritage rarely cancels for weather!

We make our decision not based on the challenges we face, but the opportunities we can provide. Our goal is not to put anyone at risk. It is simply to continue to offer the opportunity to worship for anyone who is able to make it.

Having said that, we realize there are many of you who travel from a distance, have a harder time traveling or even have special considerations. Our decision to remain open is not intended to cause pressure. We actually encourage YOU to make the decision that is best for your family.

If you decide to come, please be cautious. Plan to leave early so you do not have to rush to church. Take it easy, and give yourself plenty of time to get here! And most of all…stay warm!

If you’re staying home, just jump online and join us at www.heritageqc.com to catch what you miss.

For those of you who can come, church is on! The doors will be open, the heat will be on, the coffee will be HOT and God will be honored! Thanks everyone!

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